Brand Launch Building Blocks

Building a brand, launching a company, introducing its first product, and engaging media is no easy feat. But when you're setting out to transform the healthcare industry by putting the power into the hands of the people, launching LEAGUE was sure to attract attention. Combining events, media relations, email campaigns, and social media LEAGUE was introduced to the world when it secured a $4-million seed round.

Product PR Drives Customers

Nuvyyo is the creator of Tablo, a DVR that lets consumers discover, stream and record broadcast television. The company needed to generate awareness for its latest product as well as their position on the future of television in Canada. A no-fluff media relations program focused on quality reviews and in-depth coverage, not press release postings. Check out just one of the great pieces of coverage on Yahoo

tablo tv.jpg

Connecting Culture to Brand

The true power in the InnerSpace platform is the limitless applications of its data. The scalable platform is the first to instantly create 3D models and 2D maps, and incorporate location and positioning out of the box. According to Deloitte, indoor location is set to skyrocket.

The startup, at the time located in the IBM Innovation Space on Spadina Avenue in Toronto, was a team of 11. Eleven people who had one common bond (apart from their love of solving hard problems). They all had cats. 

Bucking the start-up trend of being dog friendly, we used this fun fact to create an engaging series of videos to spark the imagine of prospective clients, encouraging them to speak with InnerSpace. The best part? Stock video and a few animation hours, and these videos were affordable and effective.

Fresh Steps: The First Days of Startups

There are a million things to think about when you're starting a new business. While our clients focus on developing their product and services, setting up their corporation, hiring their team, and attracting clients, The Goods steps in to build your initial brand elements, collateral templates website, and set up your email marketing. 

Dandelion is a hot new marketing services consultancy founded by Brad Krieger who built PostMedia's in-house trading desk. Our goal was to create a flexible brand platform and website that could easily evolve as the company's services grow. Using SquareSpace and MailChimp we delivered an easy-to-manage solution that will grow with the team.



Attracting Financial Investment: Evercondo

Attracting Financial Investment: Evercondo

Every startup has a different vision for its future. Whether your goal is to create an attractive acquisition target or build a viable family business, communications plays a key role in positioning the business for success. Working with Evercondo we capitalized on their tremendous YoY growth and market disruption to engage business, tech and startup media. The communications strategy and resulting coverage was instrumental in the company's acquisition just a few months later.